Chiliz Launches Public Mainnet of Chiliz Chain, Paving the Way for Blockchain-Based Sports Communities

Chiliz, a blockchain industry leader that caters to the sports sector, has officially launched the public mainnet of Chiliz Chain. This launch signals the beginning of the subsequent phase in the company’s objective to improve the relationship between fans, communities, and their beloved sports teams and brands via blockchain technology.

Brands and teams from the sporting world and other industries can take advantage of Chiliz’s expertise in developing incredibly interactive digital communities, as well as its existing sports network – consisting of over 150 major teams. They can build the next generation of experiences, products, and services with the help of Chiliz’s native cryptocurrency the $CHZ.

Chiliz Chain is built on Layer-1. It is an EVM-compatible, interoperable system that will introduce an 11-active-Proof-of-Staked-Authority (PoSA) node validator system. This network will consist of some of the most reputable blockchain firms and eventually top sports teams, responsible for validating transactions and creating a highly secure environment where developers sanctioned by these validators can construct projects that will eventually form the backbone of web3 in sport. The first validators revealed so far include Jump Crypto, Paribu, and Meria (formerly known as Just Mining), with more announcements to come.