MakerDAO Unveils Endgame Roadmap for NewChain

MakerDAO has recently unveiled a new roadmap which entails the release of a Beta version in the coming months that will introduce key features such as governance AI tools, 6 SubDAOs, a governance incentive plan, and the debut of NewChain as the final phase of Endgame. Endgame is an immensely significant overhaul that aims to bolster efficiency, resilience, and participation by integrating refined AI tools into open and scalable processes, creating a sustainable equilibrium within its governance framework that permits the permissionless development of SubDAOs and emergent product innovation through a community-driven ecosystem.

One of Endgame’s short-term goals is to become the leading and most extensively utilized stablecoin project within the next three years. Subsequently, it will institute an autonomous and thriving DAO economy that fosters its continued exponential growth safely without posing a threat to its robust governance equilibrium. The roadmap provides a comprehensive overview of Endgame’s various transformational launch phases that will soon follow.

Endgame’s ultimate goal is to simplify and streamline the Maker Ecosystem by launching a new unified brand identity, an all-encompassing flagship launch of 6 new SubDAOs that can be farmed by users, encouraging permissionless innovation and collateral allocation. Moreover, Endgame will introduce a range of advanced AI tools to aid participants in monitoring the system and staying informed of all crucial details, including a Governance Participation Rewards system that incentivizes active engagement with farming rewards. The final step will involve deploying a new blockchain network, tightly integrated with Ethereum, that amplifies the ecosystem’s governance security measures, and consolidates the entire range of advanced Endgame features and tokenomics.