Filecoin Introduces its Client Lassie for Seamless Data Retrieval from IPFS and Filecoin Networks

Filecoin annnounnced the launch of Lassie – a retrieval client designed to retrieve data from both Filecoin and IPFS networks. Lassie simplifies the process of fetching data by identifying and using the best retrieval protocols available. To ensure seamless retrieval of data despite the diversity of transport protocols, Lassie is capable of using either Graphsync or Bitswap depending on the availability of the requested data. Although Lassie currently supports these protocols, additional transport protocols may be included in the future.

With Lassie, end-users and clients can retrieve their content-addressed data efficiently, using CIDs, without running Filecoin or IPFS nodes. Data is retrieved in CAR (content-addressed archive) form, which may require additional tools for handling. In addition, application developers can integrate Lassie as a library to fetch content from IPFS and Filecoin within an application. Currently, the Saturn Network relies on Lassie as a library to retrieve data from IPFS and Filecoin.