Paradigm Open-Sources Rust-based MEV Bot Framework Artemis

Paradigm is thrilled to announce the open-sourcing of Artemis, a Rust-based framework specifically designed for writing MEV bots. Artemis is an efficient, modular, and intuitive solution. As MEV continues to represent one of the most powerful centralizing forces in Ethereum today, open source tooling for MEV research and extraction represents a clear path to combat this pressure.

Presently, there are several obstacles for new entrants in the MEV market. Prospective bot operators encounter substantial challenges to make headway in the field. Without the proper incentives from experienced bot operators, new entrants must often rewrite the same basic components and recreate infrastructure, leading to wasted effort. Additionally, as a fledgling protocol, it is difficult to attract the interest of searchers to run keepers. Artemis hopes to alleviate these challenges by offering flexible and reusable bot components, as well as serving as a repository for sharing strategies and keepers.