Introducing Boojum: zkSync’s High-Performance Proof System for Era Mainnet

ZkSync has introduced a new proof system called Boojum for the Era mainnet. Developed by Matter Labs, the core developer of Ethereum Layer 2 zkSync Era, Boojum is powered by STARK technology and can be executed on standard consumer-grade GPU hardware, offering exceptional performance.

This proof system is built upon zkSync’s newly developed cryptographic library in Rust, which enhances the Zero-Knowledge (ZK) circuits used in zkSync Era and ZK Stack, both of which are essential components.

Previously, zkSync Era relied on a proof system (prover) that utilized SNARKs, a variant of zero-knowledge proofs. This system enabled its Layer 2 sequencer (off-chain transaction aggregator) to process over 100 transactions per second (TPS) at present. With Boojum, based on STARKs, the team expects to achieve significantly higher throughput, surpassing the current capabilities multiple times over.