Fenix Games Collaborates with Immutable to Launch Mass-Market Web3 Games

Fenix Games, a well-known publisher of web3 games with a team consisting of gaming and Wall Street professionals, is collaborating with Immutable, the top web3 gaming platform, to launch and promote web3 games for mass market consumption. Fenix Games and Immutable have joined forces to create a collection of blockchain-based games featuring elite game developers. The Fenix Games team, with years of experience in successfully managing notable franchises such as Madden Mobile, Need for Speed mobile, The Sims Mobile, and Plants vs. Zombies, has the know-how to create and expand licensed and original IP games that reach millions of gamers around the world.

Fenix Games is dedicated to integrating games seamlessly into the web3 ecosystem and sought a platform that was both dependable and secure to support their mission. Immutable’s robust infrastructure and proven track record made it the perfect platform for Fenix to build on. By using Immutable, Fenix Games will be able to navigate the complexities of the web3 sector with confidence, minimizing risks for developers and accelerating the industry’s overall growth.

In exchange, Fenix Games plans to bring its extensive knowledge and expertise to encourage some of the best gaming development teams to participate in web3 by curating, consulting, and publishing superior live services to Immutable’s collection of games.