Ethereum Shapella Upgrade Launched

The Shapella upgrade of Ethereum has recently been launched with significant changes for the network. This upgrade is the first major change since The Merge of the previous year. Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 4895 was implemented as a hard fork, which enabled users and validators to withdraw their staked ether (ETH) on the network. The developers have been careful to monitor potential issues with the upgrade’s completion as they had previously highlighted in a YouTube stream.

The main event for this upgrade occurred at epoch number 620,9536 on the mainnet. The core team of developers had previously announced on GitHub that gas fees for specific transactions had been optimized. This change marks a significant development for the Ethereum network as it has the potential of unlocking a previously inaccessible fund. Furthermore, with withdrawals now being enabled, the network has finally completed its transition to proof-of-stake consensus.