Starknet Unveils Formation of Five Key Committees to Strengthen Ecosystem

The Starknet Foundation announced the formation of five specialized committees, each entrusted with a distinct mandate that corresponds with Starknet’s mission and priorities. Regular evaluations will be conducted to ensure the relevance and effectiveness of each committee’s mandate, with modifications and amendments made as needed.

The five committees include:

  • Provisions Committee
  • Early Adopter Grants Committee
  • Developer Partnerships Committee
  • Governance Committee
  • Ecosystem Onboarding Committee

In late November 2022, the inception of the Starknet Foundation was unveiled, marking the establishment of an autonomous organization committed to advancing Starknet’s objective of evolving into a flourishing, decentralized, and permissionless Layer 2 Validity Rollup, also known as ZK-Rollup. Guided by a proficient interdisciplinary board, the Starknet Foundation is well-equipped to achieve its aspirations of nurturing and enlarging the Starknet community, supervising the network’s ongoing development, devising permissionless governance mechanisms, and executing the complete decentralization of the Starknet ecosystem.