Starknet Integrates Ethereum Virtual Machine with Zero-Knowledge Proofs

StarkWare, the primary developer firm responsible for the layer-2 blockchain Starknet, announced on Wednesday its plans to integrate a zero-knowledge rollup, called Kakarot, into the existing Ethereum infrastructure. This expansion will provide compatibility within the system, known as zkEVM. Currently in the testing phase, Kakarot will be facilitated through the Starknet Stack, which encompasses a collection of software tools specifically designed to simplify the creation of personalized application-specific chains by developers. While Starknet already offers its own zero-knowledge virtual machine (zkVM), utilizing the programming language Cairo, the introduction of the zkEVM will empower developers to write code using Solidity, the widely-used programming language for Ethereum smart contracts. As a result, this enhancement will render the Starknet blockchain more accessible to a broader range of project creators.