Starknet Gears Up for “Quantum Leap” Upgrade to Enhance Transaction Capacity

Starknet, an Ethereum Layer 2 network, is gearing up for a significant upgrade known as “Quantum Leap” in order to enhance its transaction capacity. The objective is to increase the network’s sequencer transaction rate to several hundred per second, which would be a notable improvement from the current levels. StarkWare, a crucial contributor to the network, has highlighted the significance of this upgrade.

The latest version of Starknet, 12.0, is presently undergoing testing and awaits approval from the Starknet community via an ongoing vote. Upon community validation, it will be deployed to the mainnet after being rigorously developed by StarkWare, LambdaClass, and other participants within the Starknet ecosystem. The upgrade was initially introduced on the Goerli testnet on July 3. According to Eli Ben-Sasson, co-founder of StarkWare, Starknet’s Quantum Leap represents a substantial advancement in TPS (transactions per second) within the Ethereum ecosystem.

Starknet operates as a decentralized Layer 2 network, utilizing a Zero Knowledge roll-up solution that consolidates multiple transactions on an off-chain layer before publishing them together on the Ethereum network. StarkWare, the original creator of Starknet, employs the Stark cryptographic proofs mechanism developed by their team. Currently, StarkWare is part of a collaborative group of contributors responsible for shaping the evolution of Starknet, with the operations and roadmap of the network now overseen by the Starknet Foundation.