NEAR Forms Strategic Alliance with INVEN’s Vortex Gaming, Serving South Korea’s Largest Gaming Community

The NEAR Foundation recently announced a strategic partnership with Vortex Gaming, a subsidiary of INVEN, the largest game media community in Korea with a monthly active user base of 7.2 million. As part of the partnership, Vortex Gaming will be onboarded onto the NEAR Protocol, further expanding NEAR’s gaming ecosystem. The NEAR Foundation and INVEN also intend to collaborate further to promote Vortex Gaming’s growth and the strengthening of the NEAR game ecosystem. This includes plans for offline hackathons and events to foster developer talent and enhance brand awareness and business networks.

INVEN has been a leader in the gaming industry for over 20 years, providing a top online game media platform and driving game development. Vortex Gaming, on the other hand, is a content-based game community that specializes in Web3 games. Their global social media platform offers features such as Gaming Guild and in-depth analysis of in-game economy and completion. By leveraging INVEN’s impressive user base and their own experience in building Web2 communities, Vortex Gaming aims to create a strong user base.

NEAR Protocol is a Layer 1 blockchain platform with a focus on usability and scalability. The platform also serves as the Blockchain Operating System (BOS), enabling developers to easily build decentralized apps and experiences for the open web. Through BOS features such as FastAuth, Web2 companies and developers can streamline the onboarding process and facilitate adoption in the current Web3 gaming industry. Together with Vortex Gaming’s specialized content, the NEAR ecosystem for gaming is set to become increasingly popular.