NATIX Deploys Thousands of AI-Driven Sensors in the Economy of Things Through Peaq Integration

NATIX, an organization focused on real-world use cases of AI and IoT with a strong emphasis on privacy, has teamed up with peaq to develop decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePINs) that incorporate AI-powered sensors. This partnership will allow NATIX to utilize peaq’s Self-Sovereign Machine Identities for its Drive& DePIN, thereby expanding its network and offering more incentives to users of the Drive& app. Additionally, the collaboration will facilitate the development of a smartphone-focused DePIN, which will widen the network’s potential reach to billions of users and devices worldwide.

With nearly 7 billion smartphone users worldwide, this device has become one of the most ubiquitous connected devices today. However, extracting valuable insights from this vast amount of data poses serious risks to privacy. NATIX’s approach enables edge AI to transform cameras into data processing hubs without compromising privacy. With this integration, NATIX will utilize peaq’s suite of tools to build a decentralized sensor network within its DePIN, assigning a self-sovereign peaq ID to each sensor.

The initial stage of integration involves developing a proof-of-concept (PoC) project that integrates the self-sovereign peaq IDs into NATIX’s Drive& app, which has already garnered over 6,600 users since its release in April 2023. The PoC project will leverage the peaq network’s access management function to provide role-based access while testing the use of self-sovereign IDs. Subsequently, the Drive& DePIN will be connected with peaq’s network, enabling users to earn extra incentives through the peaq network’s machine rewards mechanism, which distributes network revenues to connected devices. This integration may first be trialed on krest, peaq’s sister network launching on Kusama quarter this year before its implementation on the peaq mainnet.