Kraken Launches Gasless NFT Marketplace with 250+ Unique Collections

The centralized exchange headquartered in San Francisco, Kraken, has recently announced the launch of its NFT marketplace featuring over 250 unique NFT collections. A notable attribute of this new marketplace is its gasless experience, where a user will not incur any charges when buying or selling a digital asset on the platform, regardless of market conditions. However, gas fees will apply when transferring digital assets on and off the platform.

Kraken has been working on its NFT marketplace for over a year and launched a public beta version of its testnet in November 2020, supporting NFT collections from Ethereum and Solana. The marketplace has since expanded its offerings, including digital collectibles from Polygon, such as its “red-hot Reddit collectible avatars.” Additionally, the Kraken NFT marketplace aims to be user-friendly for traders who are not native to crypto.