ENS Labs Introduces Layer 2 Interoperability for Enhanced Accessibility and Efficiency with ENS Domains

During a recent community call, ENS Labs, the developer behind the Ethereum Name Service (ENS), announced that it will be incorporating Layer 2 interoperability with ENS domains. This strategic upgrade has been identified as a significant development for the project.

Layer 2 solutions, such as Arbitrum and Optimism, serve as off-chain mechanisms that optimize scalability and reduce costs by handling transactions separate from the Layer 1 Ethereum blockchain. By enabling Layer 2 solutions to interact with ENS domains, the team aims to enhance accessibility for a wider range of users, streamlining domain name registrations and transactions. To achieve this, the team intends to leverage off-chain resolvers in collaboration with the ENS off-chain registrar contract and various service providers, including cb.id (operated by Coinbase), Lens Protocol on Polygon, and OptiNames on Optimism, among others.