Elon Musk Announces Creation of TruthGPT: A Revolutionary AI Platform

Elon Musk, entrepreneur and founder of OpenAI, has announced his plans to create his own Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform, which he calls “Truthgpt.” The platform is intended to rival offerings from industry heavyweights and will attempt to understand the universe without posing a threat to humanity. In interviews, Musk accused OpenAI of developing chatbots that are “trained to lie” and voiced criticisms of its increasingly commercial and closed-source nature, particularly with Microsoft’s involvement. He also joined a group of executives and experts who have called for a six-month pause in the development of AI systems more powerful than OpenAI’s GPT-4, citing potential dangers to society. Musk’s new AI startup is expected to recruit AI researchers from Google to create a “third option” after Chatgpt and Google’s own AI offering, called “Bard.”