Chainlink Labs and PwC Germany Announce Strategic Partnership for Enterprise Blockchain Adoption

Chainlink Labs, the developer of the widely acclaimed Web3 services platform, Chainlink, has officially announced a strategic joint business collaboration with PwC Germany to expedite the inclusion of enterprise blockchain usage. The Chainlink network is the fastest-growing network of enterprise oracle nodes, and it is valued for its time-tested oracle infrastructure, which offers excellent assistance to enterprise systems to gain secure access to the rapidly growing blockchain economy.

Chainlink Labs and PwC Germany partnership aims to help organizations that intend to participate in the blockchain economy but lack the necessary skills and knowledge to develop smart contracts and node infrastructure. In this collaboration, Chainlink Labs offers its expertise to support these organizations, while PwC Germany brings in its technical and regulatory understanding to aid customers in developing compliant and secured smart contracts and operate infrastructure. With the combined expertise of both organizations, enterprises will be empowered to create tailored blockchain solutions that leverage the capabilities of Chainlink middleware.