A16z Crypto introduces Magi: A Rust-Based Rollup Client for Improving OP Stack Diversity

Andreessen Horowitz Crypto (A16z Crypto) recently announced the launch of Magi, an Optimism Stack rollup client featuring Rust. The development of Magi marks an effort to improve the OP Stack ecosystem by introducing diversity in clients.

While execution clients have received significant attention in terms of development, there is a need for both execution and consensus side diversity. While existing execution clients can become Optimism-compatible by implementing minor changes, building diversity in rollup clients can be challenging as they are new pieces of software. Currently, there is only one implementation – OP Labs’ op-node, written in Go. However, Magi aims to provide an independently developed and Rust-based alternative that can replace op-node. This addition is expected to bolster client diversity, encourage greater safety and liveliness throughout the OP Stack, and attract more contributors to the ecosystem.