MetaMask Institutional Launches First-Ever Marketplace for Institutional Staking

In partnership with Allnodes, Blockdaemon, and Kiln, MetaMask Institutional has unveiled the first-ever marketplace dedicated to institutional staking. The marketplace serves as a platform for staking providers and promises seamless one-click staking for institutional clients. ConsenSys has also integrated its staking product into the platform.

With the overarching goal of expanding web3 adoption and bolstering Ethereum network security, the marketplace seeks to simplify ETH staking and has already tallied 17.7 million staked ETH since the Merge. The imminent Shanghai/Capella Update will support staked ETH withdrawals, potentially driving further adoption among institutions seeking greater asset flexibility and control.

Concurrently, MetaMask Institutional is introducing advanced features such as institutional controls, portfolio management, and digital asset monitoring equipped with built-in P&L and performance attribution. These additions to the web3 experience, including in-depth transaction reporting, are set to launch on March 27th and revolutionize portfolio dashboard capabilities for institutional clients.