Fujitsu’s Trademark Application for Crypto Brokerage and Financial Services in the US Market

Fujitsu, a prominent technology company based in Japan, has submitted an application for a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The trademark request details the company’s intention to provide clients with brokerage services for cryptocurrency trading, as well as other crypto and non-crypto financial facilities.

The proposed branding, styled as “FUJITSU” with a unique design of an S-shaped swirl above the letters “J” and “I,” was filed in March 2021. The branding targets a range of financial services encompassing deposit acceptance, loan financing, financial management, and crypto asset exchange.

Fujitsu has demonstrated increasing interest in the Web3 industry as evidenced by its launch of a Web3 acceleration platform in February 2021. The initiative aims to support the creation of a varied ecosystem of Web3 applications for a wide range of use cases such as business transactions, digital content rights management, and contractual processes.