Filecoin Web Services: A Decentralized Cloud Computing Platform Built on Filecoin Network

The Engineering team operating within the Filecoin ecosystem has made a noteworthy achievement in the Filecoin Web Services project by launching the initial stage of a publicly accessible open-source substitute to AWS, GCP, and Azure. This platform capitalizes on Filecoin, which is the largest decentralized storage network globally.

Filecoin Web Services or FWS is a compilation of compute and storage technologies that are established on top of the Filecoin Network. The Filecoin Network is a decentralized storage network that was designed with revenue and incentivization mechanisms integrated within. We acknowledge that cloud computing proposes an excellent developer experience, and therefore it’s our aspiration to gain the advantages of cloud-level DX together with the transparent and open-source incentivization that decentralized networks can offer.

This technology stack comprises separate elements, such as computing, storage, and networking resources, which can be applied by developers to construct decentralized applications. The components delivered by Filecoin Web Services are built to be scalable, adaptable, and reliable, thus making the propositions suitable for a vast range of use cases.