Bitcoin Depot Debuts on Nasdaq as Leading Bitcoin ATM Operator

Bitcoin Depot, a leading Bitcoin ATM operator, has successfully launched on the prestigious Nasdaq stock exchange. This milestone achievement marks the first U.S. company of its kind to go public. In a recent development, Bitcoin Depot announced its merger with GSR II Meteora, a blank check company.

Trading under the ticker BTM, Bitcoin Depot’s shares are currently valued at $3.61 per share according to Nasdaq data, with prices soaring to a high of $6.62 earlier in the day. Founder and CEO Brandon Mintz expressed confidence in the company’s position as the dominant market player in North America, emphasizing their commitment to safely and securely introducing Bitcoin to a wider audience.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Bitcoin Depot boasts an impressive network of 6,440 Bitcoin ATMs, solidifying its status as the largest provider of its kind in North America.