Binance Gift Card Now Available at 5000 Locations Across Major Cities in Italy through MrPay Partnership

Binance Gift Card has been introduced via physical outlets in Italy for one of the first times, thanks to a partnership between Binance Gift Card and MrPay. The partnership enables users to buy cryptocurrencies in the form of Binance Gift Card at kiosks and local shops in over 5000 locations across major cities in Italy. The Binance Gift Card can be purchased with a variety of payment methods, including cash, subject to legal limits. Upon purchase, users will receive a receipt containing a 16-digit redemption code for the Binance Gift Card, which they can redeem on the Binance website with zero fees.

The partnership between Binance Gift Card and MrPay is set to bring convenience to users who prefer to purchase crypto offline and top up on Binance easily. With the growing demand for cryptocurrencies in Italy, the availability of Binance Gift Card at physical outlets is expected to enhance accessibility to the digital asset and contribute to the wider adoption of crypto in the region.

The move to expand the availability of Binance Gift Card through MrPay’s network of physical outlets also highlights the increasing trend of bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds. The partnership offers a seamless integration of traditional payment methods with digital assets, providing users with more options for purchasing cryptocurrencies.